Big First Step to Stop Climate Change or Taking the World Into Our Own Hands

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There are many individuals and organizations doing their part to stop the impending tragedy of human extinction, but honestly, there is a good chance it isn’t enough, because as it is now, no one can know exactly what is going on everywhere and we need to know this if we are going to have a chance to save ourselves. I propose a bottom up first step: We are making a website that will track all the major projects on the planet restoring the environment and fighting climate change. The website exists: but it is still in the beginning stages. At the moment we are trying to create a cutting edge taxonomy or way to categorize all the aspects of “social ecology”. Hopefully it will be 3d, stereoscopic, such that if you click on one thing, you might see all projects working in a particular area, like regeneration of the forests, etc. So that accessing whatever information an individual or organization needs is as easy as possible. This project deserves a world class method for this.  We could use any help that one can offer. My nephew, a world class coder has offered to attempt this once he has the necessary data.

This website has to be known to the world for this project to succeed or have any value. Once we have our categorizing method installed, we will solicit a few hundred projects to send us the relevant info, data, photos, videos, etc. with timely updates. Then the plan is to put it out to the world and make it big by all means necessary. And to encourage projects to place themselves on the website and to send us their info. We may use google technology for translating in all languages or perhaps volunteers. People can send donations that will cover our expenses and can help fund needy and worthy projects. All finances will be transparent.

This is a monumental project and it is a big first step in uniting humanity without hierarchies or any overarching authority. It is putting the power in the hands of the people and making demands on the governments to comply or face world wide boycotts or whatever peaceful method is necessary. There is power in numbers and unity. Action needs to be taken immediately or at least as fast as possible. For example, all cars could be changed to electric or water or air, whichever is most feasible by gov’ts. issuing coupons that would cover the costs. All military could be brought back to plant trees and other remedial activities, regenerative agriculture could start replacing toxic agriculture, etc.etc. There are many solutions and innovations that the world needs to know about and begin implementing.

Its time to stop “playing around” as many scientists are saying there is no hope. But that is just an opinion and no one has ever seen the power of the people once it is united and organized. It seems obvious, that the intelligent response is to take whatever efforts are necessary to prevent our extinction. Up to now, there has only been confusion as to how to go about it. Now, I am presenting a clear idea of what is necessary to do, what are the first steps.

First we need the help of leading taxonomists to create a world-class method of organizing. This is an invitation. All are invited to help and share ideas. My contact is

I Try To Never Be Afraid (because I am afraid of fear)

I could  be afraid of so many things, but I’m afraid of being afraid, so I rarely am afraid. I am afraid to be depressed, so I never get depressed. Roosevelt, the president during the depression, said: “The only thing to fear, is fear itself.”  Yes, this is what I believe. When I was young I tried to confront my fears one by one, in an effort to remove them all, seeing that they were finite. When I was 27 and a half I experienced 3 weeks with no fears. This means no unreasonable fears. I still didn’t walk in front of oncoming cars, because that would have been suicide. It was a high point in my life. Also, during this time, when I looked into someone’s eyes, compassion leaped from within with no effort whatsoever on my part. I saw their fears and anxieties in their eyes and my reaction was automatic.
I had a surrealistic experience that took me out of that “illuminated state”, which was meeting someone who seemed like the devil incarnate and fear entered for the first time, and the spell was shattered forever. I didn’t ever expect to meet a “devil”. I didn’t even believe in such things, but it seemed like this particular person was the devil himself and I didn’t know what to do, to run, or to hug him. That is a whole other story.
Tonight I had a sense of fear because I have so much to lose, if the community, Shambhalabamba doesn’t work out. Everything seems to be fine, but I don’t always know on some level, what is really happening, simply because my spanish is still problematic. I have difficulty understanding spanish and spanish is the primary language of our community. Consequently, I miss a lot of the nuances that are occurring amongst the inhabitants here. So while things may seem to be very tranquil and smooth, it is quite possible for me to not be aware of all that is going on between people here. It seems that we rarely have conflicts and that no one hardly ever, ever speaks aggressively to another. And when I become aware of some “problem” between people here, it can be a shock.
I am just so amazed how I can maintain my equilibrium so consistently with so many things to be afraid of. In this way, I think I’m pretty tough, but I wonder how less tough people, women for example, single women, manage from day to day.  There was a woman here recently traveling with her baby with almost no money coming in, constantly seeking employment, but not really finding anything. Consequently, she left. She must have a lot of courage to live like that, traveling on her own with that kind of responsibility. Its incredible when you think about it. Yet, I hardly thought about it when she was here.
Its easy to miss nuances even when people are speaking english, my mother tongue. I like to think that I am somewhat of an “aware” person, but really I guess I’m not, maybe compared to you, I am, *;) winking but I am hardly aware of how much I miss. How much just flies right by me, without me noticing. It could be huge, like all the plastic that is floating in the ocean, which normally is totally beyond my awareness. Or it could be subtle like an inviting look an attractive woman gives me that I don’t notice, or a tear that unexpectedly appears on someone’s face that I am addressing and I’m so caught up in my words, that I don’t respond to it. Realizing this, it seems that I could easily do or not do something and be incredibly foolish due to my lack of awareness at that moment and not even know that.
I could have fears of this being the case. Rather, I should have fears of this being the case. But I am afraid of fear, so I will just go on  my merry way, oblivious as usual probably. You can imagine, with this kind of thinking, everything seems kind of shaky. As a man, I need to be more solid. I don’t want to have any fears. I want to be manly, which can also mean being fearlessly honest, which I hope I am being right now. I might not be being super solid and grounded like a man is supposed to be, but being fearlessly honest is worth something I should hope as well as being comfortable with the uncertainty that goes with being alive.