Mastering the Labyrinth

The labyrinth is a physical metaphor for the existential conundrum that life presents to each of us. What is the best thing we can do with this monumental gift we call life? How can we navigate our way through this illusive “reality”? How can we avoid wasting the small amount of precious time alotted us?
Being alive comes with a few built-in questions, why, how, and who, which are open questions with no certain answers. Life is so many things; it is an enigma, it is a vast playground for philosophers, psychologists, and everyone who is not struggling to stay alive, it is an education opportunity, it is joy and it is pain, it includes hope and hopelessness, it is high drama and adventure, it can be tedious and stultifying, it is love which can be shadowed by hate.

The way things are now with pandemic panic, and even before, life can be a struggle, it is not easy, the possibilities are endless and inexhaustible, the challenges monumental, and the stakes are enormous. And yet it is a gift that exceeds our ability to fully appreciate. Not only can we be grateful for whatever we have, but also for all that we don’t have, all the bad things imaginable, ill health, war, poverty, hunger, etc.

When we walk a labyrinth, we can only find our goal through trial and error while utilizing our memory to avoid making the wrong turns more than once. Like the game Monopoly, a simplistic, reductionist expression of capitalism, the labyrinth is more symbolic than real, as it is a simplified and reductionistic design for our journey “home”, our destiny, our goal.

And so, though it may be fun to walk the labyrinth, it is not really necessary, if we instead focus on these existential questions in some quiet place.

What may be the truest aphorism of all is “To err, is to be human”, which really points to the extreme degree of difficulty it is to be able to make the right decisions, the right choices, and to come to the most correct conclusions. One might easily imagine that we, all of us, are constantly arriving at incorrect conclusions, most often unawares; wrong career choices, wrong husband, wife, or lover, wrong friends, wrong government, wrong food, wrong investment, and on and on.

Life is just full of illusions; the sun seems to move across the sky, the earth is flat, even the way our brain works, which creates a reality that is the most navigable for us to live and reproduce, but we all know that the more real reality, is that all these solid forms we experience are mostly empty space, if we are to believe the scientists. We can only see superficially and with a limited range. We live in between the microscopic and macroscopic. Every moment our minds need to ask, is this true or not, and/or can I trust this person or not? It never ends. Uncertainty is our condition.

It seems that all the wrong decisions of humanity has added up to the crises we face today as a species: the possibility of extinction and the possibility of being under totalitarianism. How can we begin to make the right choices, both as individuals and as all of humankind? The stakes are as high as they can get. Time is pressing. Everyone seems so lost and inadaquate for the monumental challenges we face.

What is really sad is when we keep making the same mistakes over and over again, like planting monoculture forests everywhere, and harvesting wood in a non-regenerative manner, creating dry zones and soil and habitat depletion, or trusting authority, there are so many examples, but one that is overlooked and has had frightening consequences is that we are governed by top-down hierarchical structures.

All the revolutions, rebellions, strikes, and protests has not advanced humanity in any substantial way, as proven by the circumstances we find ourselves in now. Why hasn’t humanity resolved all the problems that we have had for millenia, poverty, war, environmental destruction, plastic pollution, inequality, etc, etc. and evolved into a utopian kind of world?

I would like to suggest that as long as we are governed in a vertical top-down manner, we will be under the control of psychopaths, incapable of empathy, that are corrupted by corporatocracies. The mistake we make over and over is simply changing the faces of those who govern or more accurately of those who control. Obviously, this hasn’t worked, but people are ready to do it again as soon as there is another election.

The thing that hardly anyone has noticed, though anarchist literature has been aware of this and virtually ignored for over 150 years, is that we need to restructure government from vertical to horizontal self-governing which is virtually incorruptible. Government by and for the people, requiring citizen participation, decentralized, women’s liberation, bottom-up, ecological, feasible and fantastic.

This 7 minute animation we recently completed, explains horizontal governing (…). I don’t want to leave out that our current economic system needs to be changed as well.

To put us on the right track once the lockdown is over, I believe it is essential that we create a giant network of millions if not billions of like-minded people who do not wish to be micro-chipped or vaccined mandatorially, and wish for humanity to go in a direction that benefits everyone, saves us from extinction, and includes freedom, justice, peace, and abundance for all. A world where love is the bottomline. We are in the process of doing this. Visit our website that is dealing with these issues: